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Plan and manage your finances with a simple friendly calendar
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22 August 2013

Editor's review

In case you are looking for a utility that allows you to conveniently maintain your household or expense budget then it would make a great sense to check out of the remarkable Rylstim Budget 3.3 software. It provides you with the calendar with which you can have the daily records noted to know how much you spend in a month. The program makes it easy for you have an effective control over your expenditure thus facilitating optimum use of your money. You can do all this with privacy, as the program has the feature through which you can have your data password protected.

Rylstim Budget 3.3 has a pleasant user interface that the user would like to work with. The calendar is shown in the middle of the program screen and the left side shows the accounts and the monthly charts details. For adding the new transaction you just need to right click on the date and select the option that opens a box. You need to set the title, type, category, amount, original account, etc. You can also set the additional information about the expenses, etc in the notes. Set the task for once or to be repeated on particular weekdays and set the range, start and end time along with the count of occurrences. If there already exists any transaction then you can view it wit all the related details. The Category Chart shows the position of your income and expenses with various colors. The colors help you to know the level for any particular type of expenses or incomes. The ‘Manager’ within this, shows the categories and sub-categories records. You can make the notes for anything you want to record. Check for the Project Statistics and you can finally when you are done with all the things then you can have save the project. Have all the data protected with the password and your working is also supported by calculator, currency list, etc.

Rylstim Budget 3.3 software receives a commendable 4 rating points because of the features for that can accurately record and track your transaction, statistics, accounts, etc in a coordinated manner. Further it’s well thought out options and neat user interface also adds to its repute.

Publisher's description

Completely new, yet the simplest way to keep an eye on your money daily is to use calendar. But to not merely look at it the way you did it before - record your revenues and expenses right on the calendar.
With the calendar accounting, you can easily see your financial state for the current month, review your last month's expenses and, most importantly, properly plan your upcoming income and expenses.
The software includes all necessary money management functions. You can maintain multiple accounts simultaneously, manage different income and expense categories. You can even set limits for expense categories and be notified when these limits are exceeded. The program offers 6 different types of reports and allows using those for generating custom reports. The multi-currency support is designed to let you completely forget about any problems with transferring money between accounts in different currencies. Our idea of multi-currency appears to be unique, therefore, this is the only application where today's exchange rate for Euro differs from the yesterday's and, certainly, from the one that was current two days ago.
These are just the basic functions and distinctive features of the software.
To this day, Rylstim Budget is a perfect solution for managing personal finances, ideal for home users and for freelancers.
Rylstim Budget
Rylstim Budget
Version 4.5.1
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